Nido is born in the open.
It’s made of natural materials, it’s built with modules and it can be assembled at will. It serves to protect, to feed, to rest, to grow and to house.

Stefano Pirovano, 2018


Build your Nido

Nido is an outdoor modular system.
Its elements have various sizes, and they can be assembled between them.
The result evolves depending on personal taste or on the features of the yard in which it gets installed. Nido is made of Corten steel plates, through a natural rust formation process.


Nido is a home with the sky in it.
Combinable modules, with varia-ble heights between 55 and 249 cm. Made of perforated Corten steel plates, every volume consists of four assembled sides, ready to be fixed to the next module.


Customize your Nido

Nido can be supplemented by additional elements in order to enrich its features.


Via G. Giorgi 13/15 – 47122 Forlì (FC)
0543 782485


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